Job hunt for new software tester

Please guys i am looking for junior software tester job, even if it is on a volunteer level I will also be interested, I just need hand on experience


I suggest you share some more information, such as:

  • Where are you based
  • What experience do you have (e.g. maybe in other jobs/industries)
  • Link to your LInkedin profile
  • What you have done so far to look for a job (e.g. which sites)

I don’t think it’s that easy to find a job, and you need some advantage compared to others who probably have some experience and trying to get the same job as you do.
FYI, I’m a senior and was looking for jobs last year; half of my applications were for Junior positions.

I’ll continue from what Nicola mentioned:

  • Besides where you’re based, where are you open to work in? Have you checked Visa/entry requirements?
  • Which languages do you speak(besides English)? Places where I’ve looked for jobs lately ask for French and/or German(common in Central Europe).
  • What would you say are your strengths? Are you a business domain enthusiast(which domain), what have you done do get there? Are you a technical person(can code, script, troubleshoot things, etc…)
  • What have you done to learn software testing (classes, practice, meetups, books, forums you’re active in, coding challenges, bug-hunting, bug-bounty, beta testing, application reviews, blogging…)?
  • How does your presentation look like: the site, resume, profiles on sites? Have you had it reviewed by some software seniors, recruiters, hr reps, who recruit in the area where you’re looking?

Based in the United Kingdom
8years + Banking Experience

I have done freelance Software testing Job,

Kindly check my LinkedIn profile Ayodele Atere, I am an experience Banker, I want to transition into tech and it software testing interest me

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Experienced Banking Professional | Customer Service Expert | Skilled Manual Tester

I am an experienced banking professional with a proven track record in delivering exceptional customer service and achieving collaborative goals. My expertise covers various banking transactions, ensuring seamless and satisfactory client experiences.

In addition to my banking expertise, I have developed strong skills in manual testing, a crucial area for maintaining and enhancing the quality and functionality of software applications. My diligent and detail-oriented approach ensures that every aspect of the software meets the highest standards before deployment.

Key Skills and Competencies:

  • Banking Operations: Proficient in handling various banking transactions with accuracy and efficiency, ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Consistently deliver high-quality service, addressing customer needs promptly and effectively to foster long-term relationships.
  • Manual Testing: Expertise in testing software applications manually, identifying bugs, and ensuring functionalities align with user requirements and business goals.
  • Problem-Solving: Adept at troubleshooting issues, identifying root causes, and implementing effective solutions to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Team Collaboration: Proven ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to achieve shared goals and drive organizational success.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous in managing tasks, ensuring precision in every aspect of work, from transaction processing to software testing.

Professional Experience:
Throughout my career, I have worked in various capacities within the banking sector, each role contributing to my comprehensive understanding of the industry and refining my skill set. My roles have ranged from frontline customer service to backend operations, providing a well-rounded perspective that benefits both clients and colleagues. My experience with manual software testing has been particularly valuable in identifying critical bugs, enhancing software quality, and ensuring successful deployments.

Career Highlights:

  • Successfully led a customer service initiative that improved client satisfaction scores by 20%.
  • Played a key role in a major software upgrade project, performing manual testing that identified critical bugs and contributed to a successful rollout.
  • Consistently recognized for outstanding performance and dedication to achieving team goals.

My professional journey is driven by a passion for excellence.