KPI for agile team

This is a bit of off- topic but do we have any metric or KPIs to measure Agile teams. Did someone implemented anything to measure their agile team performance?


my recommendation:


There is a recent thread around this topic, you want to get a Pro subscription and watch Jenny’s talk as linked above by Emna though.

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My main input on the broader agile health thing is to count how many experiments you have done in your sprints. Look at your retrospectives actions/notes and look for repeat actions that nobody seems to ever act upon (you are capturing a retrospective for every single sprint aren’t you, else this exercise is pointless?) Jira has a nice retro notes thing when you close a sprint, we don’t use it, a wiki page is perfectly fine, or even simpler to just add a big note below the miro board (/disclaimer: other tools and products are available.)

Some experiments must run for 2 or more sprints in order to cut out side-effects, and mostly experiments prove you have healthy communication going within your team. No experiments = no agile.

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The (stereo)typical ones would be things like: velocity, sprint and release burndowns. But in reality I think each team needs to analyse a few of their past sprints to determine what is important for them, since everyone is doing things a bit differently.

What are you measuring them for?
What do you want to achieve with the use of KPI’s?
Do you want the KPI to change the team behaviour?
Is there a problem you are trying to solve?

Agile teams should really be self organising so ideally its their call if a KPI would benefit them and what it should be.

Recently I was exposed to the use of OKR’s which were more at the business level success level’s, objectives/desired results sort of thing. Those OKR’s gave a sort of data driven approach to decisions within the team. The team may hypothesize how a new feature is expected to impact positively on their OKR’s and use that hypothesis to make guided development decisions.

Guessing KPI’s in that case could be broken down to track smaller progress against the OKR but small changes are very subjective on their own when trying to track against an OKR which tends to be influenced by the combination of many factors.

If you are just tracking team performance though, consider why, consider do you have trust issues regarding team performance for example?

Trust and empathy is a huge part of agile teams so just be careful with externally driven performance KPI’s that could harm that.

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