Learning Resources For Environment Management

I saw this question asked on Slack during the week:

Any resources (Blogs, Docs, any kind of links) where I can get a better idea on environment management. Here are the things that I am looking forward to learn from it:

  • How code flows to different environments and reaches to Production?
  • What kind of testing is done on which environments?
  • How to achieve efficient CI/CD for all these different environments?
  • What kind of configurations can be done on the SCM side? (I know this one is purely based on preference but still wants to know what all the options are available.)

Now obviously a lot of this depends on the tech stack you’re using and even then, approaches can vary.

A couple of resources shared so far include


What would you share with this person?

“A practical guide to testing in devops” by Katrina Clokie

Talks on DeliveryConf https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDOzFQZN3LYxLiyHaBRxq0Q