Learning, self development and career advancement, what help do you get?

A year into my current role, and I’m really keen to have a plan on where to go next and how to get there. I want to progress in my career, I’m happy to put all sorts of effort in but I really want a clear plan and support in getting there.

This got me thinking, how much of this should I expect to engineer for myself, and how much should I expect my manager to help?

I’m really intereted to know, what kind of career and personal development support you expect, and what you receive? To give me a reality check on how I am doing.

Also any tips on making career and development plans for myself, and getting the most out of my manager to help me, very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


I would expect that the company has got a process in place for that. Something like a Personal Development Plan, where you set objectives for the year, and have regular check-in meetings on them.
By the sound of it that isn’t the case? My best advice would be to find a plan/method that works for you, propose that to your boss to get their buy-in.

For me career development needs to come from both sides; yourself and the manager. But I think you need to play the more active role in it.
I’ve been very lucky with the last few managers I had (and currently have). At the beginning of the year objectives are set, and have weekly check in meetings where these objectives periodically get reviewed. On top of that, I have informal conversations where we talk about where I would like to see myself in medium and long term.


Hey @bencf1 , if you want a call at any point to talk,then shout.

Personally I feel it is driven by you, however, a manager should be helping you find opportunities or even acting as a coach/mentor to think of options for you. You could get mentors that are separate from your manager to help you.

I’ve recently created a personal development plan for myself. I got 360 feedback and did some deep self reflection of what I wanted to do.


A good manager should have some ideas of where you want to go because of discussions you would have with them. For me, although a personal development plan is on the individual to drive. As a leader, I will always work with them to research the ideas they want to look into to inform myself and be able to offer guidance on direction. For example, someone in my team wants to go down the exploratory test route, so have worked through the first few chapters of explore it with them to then help them build out goals to achieve in the year. While also pointing out courses, blogs and videos to support their learning. For me, it’s about giving them structure to channel their focus and then letting them fly…

Happy to chat through this further. I should probably blog my thoughts on this


Lots of good comments here already Ben.

I can heartily recommend @leigh.rathbone’s talk on the dojo (free to all): Take The Blue Pill Or The Red Pill, You Decide If You Want To | MoT


Oh this is so good!!!