Where can I find a Mentor as a QA Manager

I have been a QA Manager for 3 years but feel I am not getting much support. I was advised to look at finding a Mentor to help me develop in the areas I feel I am lacking. Does anyone know how I could go about this or have time to potentially help me.


At the moment I have no answer for your question. But I think the person who gave you this advice may have a certain goal in mind. Can you ask them whether they have an idea how you could proceed from your position?

The answer may also depend on the nature of those areas. Are they more of a technical nature or is it general knowledge about testing practices, test levels and such?

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Hi Alex,

Does the person who advised you to find a Mentor also propose to pay the bill? :smiley:
As @monija mentioned. Maybe a more low cost way is to find out what exactly is lacking and puzzling out a learning journey and which resources could help you on that journey.

I, and I know a couple others, would be happy to free up some time to coach/spar/mentor, depending on what you need, to figure out your next steps for you personally and within your job.
This would, however, not be for free. If this is an option, do reach out.

Otherwise, maybe list the topics you’d like to explore further and there’s plenty of books, videos,… the community can suggest.

Hi Alex, thanks for posting and hopefully this community can help you.

It would help to get a little more context if I may:
When you say that you are not getting much support, is this from your manager/peers, and what kind of support are you after? Is it career advancement, is it building up your tech or people skills?
You allude to areas in which you are lacking - have you had formal reviews or feedback which have pointed out areas that you need to work on, or are these things that you feel you want to improve on? If you have received feedback, do you agree with it?

My advice before you go ahead and look for a mentor (there will be free and paid for options), is to be very clear on what your overall goal is, and what you want from your mentor.
Once you are clear on where you need help and where you want to get to, you can speak to prospective mentors to see if they can help in those areas, and whether you get on with them, as you will need a rapport.

If you’d like to have a chat to help flush this out more, then let me know.
Hope this helps.