Which advice would you give to someone in a career waiting loop

What would you advise if someone tells you that the current position, team, company feels like a dead end?
Personal development is continuously ongoing (skill training, leadership, and language training), the annual employee feedback is positive for several years. There has been communication with direct management and the level above about further career aspirations, which was replied with holding up a carrot stick now for several months. But in reality, nothing really changed.

So this question was kind of asked to Bruce yesterday during the AMA career development session. And this is his reply.

First, I’d say talk to your direct manager. Whoever you have your 1-1s with. Looks like you have been. Your progression should be a priority for them, so if there is something you lack or some reason you are not being chosen, then they should be in a position to tell you.
If they can’t tell you why you have been overlooked, then I would definitely apply for other jobs - even if you want to stay at your company . Applying for jobs does not mean that you have to move jobs. But if you apply for the types of job you want, then either they’ll say yes and you can use that as leverage where you are (or just leave for the new job) - or they will decline your application and you can ask why. Not everyone will give feedback on every application, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
If your company isn’t telling you what you’re missing to be able to progress, then hiring managers at other companies probably will.
Or actually while I think about it, I would highly recommend searching for a mentor from the community, or someone to chat informally with about careers in leadership. Testing Twitter is pretty good for that sort of thing, as well as this Slack workspace. If there are tech meetups in your area, (outside of COVID times I suppose) then you should be able to meet people from all sorts of roles who will be able to help.Basically, if you’ve jumped through all the hoops at your company and still not getting anywhere, they’re either really pants and not telling you something important you need to know to improve, or they’re telling you and you’re not hearing it. Either way, I’d look for opinions outside of the company at the very least.

Any further advises or sharing of personal stories, how you dealt with it are highly appreciated.