Locust - Anyone used it?

Firstly I’ll say I am neither an automation specialist nor a coder (actually failed coder) so automation is difficult for me to say the least, so please be gentle in any replies.

The project I’m currently on is needing test automation, primarily performance/load testing and I was pointed towards Locust as a potential tool.

I’ve looked at various example websites for the tool and it’s supposed to be easy to set up, etc but I am having exceptional difficulty using it. I’m pretty sure it’s hitting the webpage I’m aiming at, however when I deliberately alter the script to force a failure I’m getting some spurious passes, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

To test the application I’m testing I believe I’ll need to incorporate Selenium into it as well, so I’d be looking at Locust using Python with Selenium.

Any help is greatly appreciated.