Looking For Testing role in Overseas

Hi :wave

My name is Rakesh Kumar

I’ve been a tester since 2017

I joined Ministry of Testing to explore more about the testing field and to learn more about non functional testing.
I would like to connect with people having similar goals . I will be very happy to help anyone for UI automation and general Testing /automation queries.
Currently I am working in Bangalore and I am looking for onsite opportunities in testing domain.
Any help or guidance is much appreciated.


Hi. Welcome to the ministry of Testing Community, Rakesh. The mostest awesomest place to learn about and to share testing tips.

Where are you looking to relocate too? And what target markets to test in interest you most?


I am looking to relocate to Germany or US or UK.
My area of expertise is front end testing, backend testing . Have experience in retail domain,coupon and cashback domain, affiliate marketing.


Hi @rakesh0786 welcome to MoT, for Germany try creating a Xing acoout - basically Linkedin for German Companies, and for US I think Indeed and Glassdoor are good for job searches.


Hi @rakesh0786 welcome to MoT and about your thoughts and interest in finding a job in Germany, US or UK. I can also recommend what @mirza did write - but would concentrate on having an (active) account on LinkedIn, XING is kind of the “mySpace of business networks” in my eyes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and is also used in german companies. And then you can try to interact also on LinkedIn with possible interesting companies.

That would be my next question - where in Germany would like to work?


Munich or Berlin or Frankfurt


I know Munich (also, a lot of more prominent companies have offices in Munich, like Microsoft, while Berlin has a ton of startups and is very open-source friendly) and Berlin have tons of companies and there are a lot of jobs available in those cities, Munich is more expensive in terms of renting and it’s harder to find an apartment, Berlin is cheaper but from what I’ve heard from friends living there the prices are going up in Berlin as well.


Well, I can’t promise anything, but you could try to apply at our company (here are software test related jobs: Your Job | MaibornWolff ).

But also the answer from @mirza is good. Try to look and also find companies where you don’t have to live in the same city where they are, as Berlin, Munic and Frankfurt especially are very expensive (I am living in Frankfurt, but moving now away, family-reasons).

Good luck :slight_smile:


If you’re looking to move to Germany, check out arbeitnow

It includes details on sponsorship as well

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I suspect that for any Brits looking in and wanting to work in Germany, this is helpful advice for them, too, post-Brexit. :frowning_face: