Looking forward for a career change

Hi All

I am looking forward to start my career as a QA. I want to start from basics of testing and want to get a deeper knowledge about this field.

I was a teacher with a computer science education background. I have recently migrated to Canada. Thus, looking for a new beginning.

Any help on what to and how to grow in this field is really appreiated.

Ekta :slight_smile:


Hey Ekta,

You’ve come to the right place. I’d recommend starting with this article by @heather_reid

Happy to chat more to help you move forward too…


Welcome @ektak :wave:

Have you seen the free Essentials course? There are activities here on The Club to go along with it, an excellent way to get an interactive introduction to software testing :grin:

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Thank you. I will go through the article for sure.

Yes. It is the first thing I started with. I will need guidance of how to go further once I have completed this course.

Thank you.

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Myself and @mwinteringham would be happy to help :grin:

I have just completed the essential training. How should i proceed further?

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Congratulations! Was there anything from the training or the document that @sjprior linked that particularly interested you? That might help me guide you for your next steps :slight_smile:

I have never worked in an IT organization. I do have strong logical and reasoning skills. As, I posses education background in computer science.

Just i a way that i start gaining knowledge so that I am able to project myself in the industry as i said with no prior experience.

I will like to learn about AGILE methodology, how to do basic testing, writing test cases. I am very new and disoriented. I could really help some guidance.

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I do want to learn basics of software testing, I think it all starts from manual testing and test cases, finding and reporting bugs.

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Hey I might sound silly but is there any virtual certificate given by end of each course we take @MOT