Looking to interview a tester that uses Heuristic test strategy model in their daily work

Hi, I am a tester student. I am a great fan of James Bach. I have chosen for my exam-work to learn and investigate the Heuristic Test Strategy Model (HTSM) . As a part of the information gathering process we have decided to try to have short interviews with real testers that use this model. I will ask things like when you use it? how? how you think it works in a team? and more. The interview takes around 15 minutes probably. I suggest we do it on Zoom or Skype and with your permission I would like to record the interview to show for my student-co-workers.

So if you use the HTSM, have 15 minutes over and want to help me investigate the model please write to me at my gmail= john.artur.linder@gmail.com

Kind regards

Hi Johnny,

I will forward your request on the RST Slack instance; probably someone will reply to you.

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I will gladly chat with you, sending an e-mail to you soon. Cheers!


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Is it possible to get the results posted to the public so I can learn from it too?

Hi Philip, the report is in swedish. Maybe i can write an english summary and post it somewhere, but not today i am busy right now.

I have attached our first version of the report in this email, which might get updated within the upcoming week. We have evaluated the HTSM with the intent to learn about it and practically try it. We also theoretically analyze some other models we found online with the same purpose and compare them to HTSM.

maybe you can google translate it or wait for me to write an english summary later.

Kind regards

Examensarbete Slutrapport - HTSM - word.docx (1).pdf (431 KB)

Thanks, I will settle with Google translate for now. If you don’t get to summarising it I wonder if any other Swedish testers here can help? :slight_smile: