Looking to interview a tester that uses Heuristic test strategy model in their daily work

Hi, I am a tester student. I am a great fan of James Bach. I have chosen for my exam-work to learn and investigate the Heuristic Test Strategy Model (HTSM) . As a part of the information gathering process we have decided to try to have short interviews with real testers that use this model. I will ask things like when you use it? how? how you think it works in a team? and more. The interview takes around 15 minutes probably. I suggest we do it on Zoom or Skype and with your permission I would like to record the interview to show for my student-co-workers.

So if you use the HTSM, have 15 minutes over and want to help me investigate the model please write to me at my gmail= john.artur.linder@gmail.com

Kind regards

Hi Johnny,

I will forward your request on the RST Slack instance; probably someone will reply to you.

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I will gladly chat with you, sending an e-mail to you soon. Cheers!


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