Managing workload

Very general discussion question:
In an agile scrum team of 3 developers & 1 QA, how do you manage the QA workload between writing manual test cases and test automation? Our devs handle development of our unit tests, both apex & jasmine. Id like the Testers to handle GUI/API automation, but there are test cases that also need to be written.

Hello @dezncino Chris and Welcome!

From your description, it sound like you have a great start!

In my opinion, APIs should have many unit tests and a few integration tests. That does not mean the tester does not participate. Rather, the tester can review the unit tests and suggest more scenarios. Also, in my opinion, the unit tests are the regression suite for the APIs

If the GUI exists to facilitate the collection of data for the APIs, then I recommend tests that cover just that. In isolating the APIs from the GUI, it may simplify the workload.

Lastly, you might have some end-to-end but if the suggestions above are implemented, you would need less.

Note that if this is a big change, make small changes first and demonstrate value. Build on small successes!


The thread is old, but I still found it pertinent to answer.

Your problem sounds like time management, and not a technology issue.

You mentioned just 1 QA…I would recommend increasing your number of testers
with the required skillsets. That should solve your problem!