Masterclass Further Discussion: From Testing Hell to Testing Well - Adopting Whole Team Approach to Testability

(Heather) #1

The first Masterclass of 2019, “From Testing Hell to Testing Well - Adopting Whole Team Approach to Testability”, with @robertmeaney is an excellent start to the year :grin:

As always, a recording of the masterclass will be available to MoT Pro members in the masterclass section.

Testability was a new term to me although the theory behind it is something I have struggled to explain to teams I worked with. I really enjoyed Robs TestBash Belfast talk “A Tale of Testability” about this which helped me to put my thoughts into words and try to get the whole team moving towards more testable software.

If we didn’t get to your questions tonight or you’d like to continue the conversation, why not ask them here?

(Aine McGovern) #2

Rob’s Resources!

  1. - Rob & Ash’s book
  2. Testability versus Automatability: - Alan Richardson
  3. - James Bach
  4. Maria Kedemo

(christian dabnor) #3

Great talk last night. I’m putting some notes together for my department and was wondering if there was a copy of the Waste vs Feedback graph? I did start drawing one, but the next interesting point came up before I could draw anything legible…

(christian dabnor) #4

The CODS diagram would also be cool, please :wink:

(Rob) #5

Hi Chris, I can share a copy of the testability map but it’s also a part of the book myself and Ash Winter have written. The map along with how to use it are available free as a part of the preview of the book here:

(christian dabnor) #6

Thank you for your reply. I’ll ask our HR team to buy a copy.