Masterclass Further Discussion: A Guide to Usability

Next week, we’re going to be joined by @melissafisher for a masterclass all about usability and discovering how usable our products really are.

If we don’t get to your questions on the night we’ll add them below. If you’d like to continue the conversation from the webinar, here is an excellent place to do that :wink:

Of course, the recording of the masterclass will be available to MoT Pro members in the Masterclass section of our website after.


Questions we didn’t get to or Melissa suggested we should come back to:

  1. What are your top sources of info on usability - best book, blogs etc.
  2. @gerardmccann asked “Would you consider usability to be the same as UX? I have heard of both types of testing and to my mind I think they are both the same, but would appreciate your take on it. Thanks”
  3. Are there any ways you can quantify usability?
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Thanks again to MoT and everyone who made the class. It was great to spend time with you all. I’ll do my best to answer the questions in the upcoming days.
One was looking at ‘design thinking’ and I thought I’d expand. Attached is a picture showing what it is. It’s basically putting your customer at the heart of problems and testing ideas quickly. You could do this in a design sprint in agile.

A book i would recommend is sprint - solve big problems and test new ideas in just 5 days by Jake Knapp.


I am glad to have the privilege of being able to keep in contact with Melissa at work :wink:
We were now discussing the difference between UX and Usability and I think this article might help:

Congratulations you all for bringing up so well this topic. It’s being very inspiring


The mood tracker app that I spoke of was a really interesting piece to work on. You can see what we did in this video (go to about 34:30mins in to see what it was From a testing perspective it was REALLY hard to create this in 4 weeks - as i said it’s all about balance really with all the things we have to worry about (like usability, performance, security etc) and do your best to have as many conversations with your team - but to remember if it’s not easy to use - your users will get frustrated and likely go somewhere else. I’d be interested to hear how others approach MVPS?


The book by donald a normal is good.

Also, I’ve started reading this book

I have pretty much learnt through experience, so not many books involved!

A thing you can do is build upon your experience. See how your colleagues react to a new product - maybe you could do a swarm test?!

Hope that helps :slight_smile: