Masterclass Further Discussion: Designing Test Cases Focused on the User Experience

On Tuesday, @lrosocha will be joining us for a masterclass looking at designing test cases focusing on the user experience.

If we don’t get to your questions on the night, we’ll add them to the thread below for Larissa to answer later. If you’d like to continue the conversation from the webinar, this thread is an excellent place to do that :grin: Share resources and follow up success stories from your learnings here!

Of course, the recording of the masterclass will be available to everyone in the Masterclass section of our website after.


Larissa recommended this book for further reading about design thinking

Question we didn’t get to

  1. what all should we automate during automation ?? is it necessary to automate everything

I strongly believe we need to have a firm approach during the planning in terms of are the test conditions to be tested and in what layer we should implement it. We should automate heavily the unit, component and integration testing. And consider automating the E2E part of the testing remaining, whenever possible. Automation is a journey. And it needs to begin with unit testing.


The recording of this Masterclass is now live :tada:

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Fab. I’ve downloaded it and on my list to read.