Mobile testing with network emulator tools

Hello ‘ze Club’,

I would like to test our mobile app over network emulator in order to see how it performs with a 3G/4G connection with differnent network impairments.

I have found a list of open source tools of network emulators ( but before I start spending time trying them out to see which meets our needs, I am looking to see if anyone can recommend a network emulator which they have used and found it easy to setup, configure and use.

I have used chrome dev tools but I am not convinced that this really emulates a proper 3G/4G data network and would like to use an application not embedded into the browser.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Pat in ze Hamburg!

Actually we do use chrome dev tools.

What I heard from one of my friends is using the iPhone developer mode, set the device to emulate the network you want and connect the android to that using hotspot. iPhone in dev mode is much more configurable for this.

See if this helps!