Model-based testing open source Tools?

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Everything in the title :wink: slight_smile:

I’m looking for a Model-based testing Open source (so free…) tool.

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So… thats a huge succes… :smiley:

Some use this:

Did you already run into Kristian Karl from Spotify showing how they do this?

I know my Finnish colleagues at Tampere university of technology were creating models based on keywords and action words, I just haven’t followed if they open sourced the research tooling…


Hi Maaret,

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I have :slight_smile:.
I don’t find anything best for now so I think that will be graphWalker.

Quicktest is a classic one.



I like to suggest you one of the best tool of software testing and i.e my favorite selenium Tool..It is test automation tool comes with the various features and benefits so you can use this one…
From 2020, With IoT testing and machine learning, automation testing will be on the top so it is good to work on best automation testing tool…

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i would suggest you to use graphwalker and tcases. its open source model based testing tools

Thx a lot, I’ll check that :slight_smile:


I used AltWalker for tests written in Python and C# and graphwalker for tests in Java

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I would suggest you to use fMBT and Graphwalker and Tcases,these are some of open source model based testing tools,