I think we can hold an open source framework selection for test engineers

This is a good way to promote open-source efforts and technical exchanges of test engineers


Hi @eason,

Thanks for sharing. I’m curious about this idea.

Would you mind sharing more information to help with my understanding?

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@larryg has an open source automation framework called Klassi-js, I just hopped I tagged the right Larry Goddard :sweat_smile:

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Hi Mirza,

Yes you have tagged the right one

Thanks for the tag



We can recommend different testing tools, and then elect the ranking list for publicity by voting, which will be conducive to the selection of technical framework for beginners to learn and the promotion of our new tools


Thanks for sharing. Like a handy league table of tools.

Would selection criteria might you include to help folks rank features/elements/benefits of a tool against another?

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I would far prefer that tools document what they are intended for, and their context, than voting. Seen far too many free and paid tools used wrong and the injuries they cause are, well all Jira plugins now.

People are rarely up front about constraints they have at design time.


Practicability, convenience and maintainability


yes, I think so.We need more detail :laughing:

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Has there already been discussions and lists of test frameworks on this forum in the past? I know elsewhere on other forums, sites, blogs, there are such.


yes, we have a “tools list”, it’s a good start point, and you can suggest tools to the list - not frameworks, but tools. Ninja training for software testers | Ministry of Testing .

I suspect one could use the same back-end pages for a Frameworks list - however I’m pretty sure there are other people who have done that in a biased way many times before.


This started as a good idea and just stopped.
Having a list of frameworks would be a good start for newbies to goto and have a play around with them and see if its a good fit for their purpose.


Do have a scan around the web, someone may already have created a github, which is always a good place to collaborate and agree and highly “findable” when it comes to “lists”. Github has a good few. Wikipedia might be a good place to anchor in from one of their open-source pages perhaps?