Monday morning routine?

I’m curious, fellow testers. Do you have a routine that starts your week that’s different from your daily routine? If so, what is it? What do you do to start your week?


To start my week I typically go through my inbox so it is at zero. Moving emails to relevant folders etc.

I also make sure I know exactly what the priorities are that week.

I always find the first hour or so on a Monday morning a bit of mess with post-its or random notes on my desk from the previous week, so it’s the perfect opportunity to clear up and start afresh.

Hi there,
Monday mornings are a great moment to organize my week.
First, I check the weekly (Highlights, difficulties of their week) report my team writes every Friday, and I answer them.
Then I go to mi JIRA board and check that everyone has tasks to work on, if not I pull the necessary strings. Then, I go through my email.
Afterwards, I go through the pending items checklist I write every friday.
Finally I start organizing my week tests.

I just fetch biggest cup of coffee that I can find, take a quick look at my pending tasks, and start working on one with highest priority.
Probably not the smartest approach, but it works for me since I’m the only tester in company.

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Get up at 5:30am, go feed and muck out the horses. If needs be sort out the others out in the fields. Then home to get ready for the day job and off out the door until home time, where it’s more horses, the gym and finally sleep :slight_smile:

My days are pretty consistent and don’t really change Monday - Friday :smiley: As you can imagine, with the level of busy I do tend to spend my first thing Monday getting organized at work!!

Every Friday I update my snippets for the week. You can read more about snippeting here:

Basically I update what I’ve done this week and what I plan to accomplish next week. That way I can get my Monday morning started right now without looking at email/Slack first.

So on Monday, I quickly review my snippets over coffee, and then get to work on the #1 most impactful task. I try not to schedule any meetings for the morning in order to have time to get into the flow. Once I’ve had 2-3 hours of focus on the #1 task, I can take a break and check email/Slack and take care of anything that came up.