What do you do on your first day at a new job/assignment?

I’m starting a new assignment next Monday as mobile tester/developer.
It’s not my first rodeo so I’ve got a couple of ideas what I want to accomplish on my first day and first week, but it’s made me curious about what other people do on their first day?

I’ll share my own goals.

Day 1:

  • get to know the team
  • check out both iOS and Android projects and get them running on the simulator
  • get a feel for all the Scrum ceremonies and/or other meetings that are recurring daily/weekly.
  • test the application in a playful manner, write down questions, observations.

Week 1:

  • lots of hands-on exploratory testing
  • super nice would be if I could fix a bug I find during testing somewhere in the first week.
  • observe the testing that is already happening by others in the team, without changing it. I’ll only write down observations, things that I think should be improved or changed. I personally find it extremely annoying if a new person starts complaining about things at once, I think some time should be reserved to gather context.
  • create a Heuristic Test Strategy Model in the form of a Mindmap to help me model the application from different angles.
  • browse Confluence to see what is already written on testing and the development process.
  • pair programming with the iOS and Android devs to they can educate me about the code and the workflow.
  • plan an interactive meeting where I’ll explain what I think testing can and cannot do. The goal is to quickly find out if people in my team think different about testing and what problems that could give.

This list is not exhaustive, but those are the things I could think of right now.

What would you do?


Thanks for bringing this topic in the club, I will also start new job next monday and I’m curious what other do and how their start look like.

Edit: @undevelopedbruce to this thread :slight_smile: she could be interested also ! https://twitter.com/BruceOnlyBruce/status/1394218437354868737?s=20

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There might be some overlap:

  • install the development environment with all tools, libraries, etc.
  • figure out how the version system is being used. (trunk based versus branch based)
  • figure which tests are being executed. (code reviews, unit tests, exploratory tests, etc.)
  • determine how code goes from the development environment to the production environment.
  • look for interesting sources of information like logs and databases.
  • get sources for domain knowledge and the way things are being developed.
  • ask about onboarding.
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Depends on their onboarding process, but assuming I have some time/these things aren’t covered:

  • Get to know team, maybe even have some quick one to one intros with team members
  • Same with new line manager/peers if not covered by the above intros
  • Start figuring out the work processes and flows - who does what, when, and why
  • Ask many questions, make many notes and diagrams
  • Just hang out in meetings and team ceremonies and see how people interact and work together
  • Start getting an idea of where things are tested, how, why, etc
  • Depending on the role, get things set up locally and have an explore to see if I can get some context
  • Ask the other quality folk what their expectations/hopes/frustrations/etc are when it comes to us working together, the work in general, rest of the team, etc

Yes that’s a good one, I need to find a way to get to know people beyond the team in a remote setting. I’ve never done that before as in my last assignment I already knew everyone from before we changed to remote working!

There’s one person we’ve forgotten who can make your life at work comfortable or difficult.

As soon as you can, identify who the key person in the organisation is who takes care of your physical working environment, and spend some time getting to know them. They may be someone in the facilities management team, or they may just be a caretaker. They may not even work for the same organisation if you work in a rented or leased space. But find them and get on their good side; because the time will come when there is something wrong with your work environment, and that person is the one that can help fix it. And without them, you will not be able to do your best work.

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So when I started the job I’m leaving atm, I set Day 1, Week 1 and Month 1 goals.

Day 1:

  • all the things set up on the computer
  • intro to the team
  • chill to the max and don’t stress

Week 1:

  • make friends on the team
  • have chats with at least 2 team members about their roles
  • learn about team structure
  • start shaping ideas of the preferred ways of working/communication of individuals on the team


  • work out the parts and how they fit together
  • exploration of the product
  • find out current sprint and quarter goals


  • test code set up and running on my machine
  • write first test
  • familiarise with test project structure

Month 1:

  • sound understanding of roles and personalities
  • ability to adjust tone and Bruce-intensity to the individuals
  • memorise faces and names
  • chill bantz
  • gently begin to shut down use of female descriptors for me, if it’s safe to do so
  • learn Russian greetings for Russian team members


  • actively taking part in refinement, planning and retrospectives
  • sound intuitive understanding of how the product works


  • writing tests independently
  • able to remember the super convoluted steps for managing tests in Xray/Jira

So that was my shizzle last time. It was my first time working on a super mature automation project, hundreds of existing tests, and my first time working with Java and also Selenium. So there was a lot to learn getting going. I also had a reading list for books or articles to help me catch up on those things and the practices used in the team, eg Story Mapping, Cucumber etc.

This time I am feeling a bit more lost ahead of time, not sure what to expect, so I will probably make some goals after arriving xD


Ok my Day 1 was not realistic.
You can’t get to know the team in 1 day! lol


hahaha maybe it should be “let the team get to know me”