MoT Bangalore: February 2021 - BDD by Gaspar Nagy

Next up this new year at the Ministry of Testing #Bangalore / #Bengaluru will be the talk on BDD and its implementation details by Gáspár Nagy! It’s going to be a great learning experience with hands-on exercises, so don’t miss it!

Register here:

Dear all,

This is happening coming Friday, Feb 12th! Please register for this very valuable session about BDD. Gaspar Nagy will explain all about how to do BDD in the right fashion, and how to come up with great feature files! Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

Note that it is an interactive session where you will have the opportunity to come up with feature files. We will use ‘Miro’ whiteboard to do the exercises! Don’t miss it!

Thanks & Best Regards,

This is happening tomorrow! Please check the initial message in this thread for the registration link!