MOT Brighton, UK - Self Care when everything's terrible - Gem Hill

Questions from Gem’s Meet up session or discussion points.

Self care can be tough when:

  • your normal routines are unavailable
  • you may not have the time/space/mental energy
  • we’re living in ‘interesting times’

As well as a reminder of what self care is and why it’s important, this talk will also share some tips and reminders on how to fit self care around your life and circumstances.

Gem Hill is a software tester by day, and is passionate about self care and mental health. She runs SelfCare Backpack in her spare time and develops tools, resources, and talks on self care and wellbeing. She tweets @Gem_Hill.

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Link to my slides: self care when everything is awful - Google Slides

If you’re interested in looking at self care there’s a free exercise to download here: Feb 2021 – Free Self Care Pockets Exercise – SelfCare Backpack

and I have paid for resources on the site as well :smiley:


This can be rewatched here now Self Care When Everything’s Terrible - Gem Hill | MoT