MoT Dojo Watch Party - Episode #1 - JOIN US!

Hi all,

So as the DojoBoss I have a mammoth task ahead of me: Watch every TestBash video on the Dojo to better curate them for future use. I thought to myself, this is going to be a lonely thing to do by myself, so why not get the Testing Community involved. So I’m starting a weekly Watch party!

What is the Watch party?

Each week I will pick a TestBash talk from the archives, stream it via Crowdcast and then have a half-hour discussion. It’ll help me to better curate each talk, give you the opportunity to learn and share. Plus we all get to have a good old chat afterwards!

The first event Watch party will be 19th October @ 4pm BST and we will be watching Visualising Quality by David Evans.

The event is free to attend all you need to do is head to the Crowdcast link below and sign up:

NOTE: This is a live event only, the session will not be recorded.


Thanks to everyone who attended the first Watch party. It was a blast!!!

It was amazing to see such a diverse group come along to watch our first talk where we learnt a lot about different approach to visualising quality with things like heat maps and infographics, etc.

My goal was to work out some topic tags and learning outcomes which I’ve noted below:

Topics: Reporting, Quality, Models, Stakeholders

By the end of the talk, attendees will be able to:

  • Distinguish how context matters when sharing data
  • Identify the value of heat maps and infographics
  • Outline uses of heatmaps and infographics measuring quality
  • List approaches to visualising test data
  • Choose metrics that can be added to a report
  • Recall definitions of quality
  • Use value maps to identify stakeholders and their requirements

What do you think of these learning outcomes and topics? Do you agree with them? Am I missing any? If you had a question you could ask the speaker, what would it be?

Drop them below and I’ll see you at the next Watch party!


I only managed to pay full attention to the first 20 minutes but your outcomes look right to me.

Just wanted to add that I love this idea. I won’t be able to attend them all, but I like the idea of a watch party. Sets a time for me to watch some previous TestBash talks. It’s a bit like a book club.


Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for joining in the chat. That’s what I’m kinda going for but rather than books, TALKS!!!

I may have to increase the amount I do (maybe twice or three times a week). The catalogue is huge, I’ll be an old(er?) man by the time I’m done :smiley: