MoT Dojo Watch Party - Episode #7

Thanks to some feedback from @jesper I’m getting episode 7 of the watch party live a few weeks earlier to give a bit more noticed as to what is coming up. For this talk on the 14th December @ 3:30pm GMT we’re into 2016 for TestBash Brighton 2016 this time with a talk from Bill Matthews called Smart Algorithms – Are We Ready For This? I remember this talk really sparking my thoughts on testing AI / ML and it’s been a thread I’ve been following for a while now. Hopefully, it will trigger similar ideas for you.

As always the party is hosted on Crowdcast, and you can sign up here:

What is the Watch party?

Each week I will pick a TestBash talk from the archives, stream it via Crowdcast and then have a discussion. It’ll help DojoBoss to better curate each talk, gives you the opportunity to learn and share. Plus we all get to have a good old chat afterwards!

The event is free to attend all you need to do is head to the Crowdcast link below and sign up:

NOTE: This is a live event only, the session will not be recorded.

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