MoT Goals 2022 - Build in Public

In an effort to become more open with our community on plans for the future, we have shared our goals for 2022 publicly to keep us accountable and get your thoughts and how we might reach them.

Regular feedback loop between MoT and community around vision

The articles we’ve created sharing Ministry of Testing’s goals are an example of improving the feedback loop. We believe by sharing what’s going on internally, our wins, our losses and our plans it will help the community to appreciate what they’re a part of. And help provide insight and direction into achieving our goals and making the testing community stronger. The idea of ‘Build in public’ is new to us but what it means to us at this time is sharing more about what we’re doing with the community

Why “Build in public"?

Our hope is that by being more open and sharing more with the community we’ll encourage the community to share with us more. The more we learn about the community, the better we can support it by making more informed decisions around features on site, topics covered in events and opportunities to connect.

How will you “Build in public”?

We’ve begun by creating and sharing these articles on our goals to help communicate clearly what we want to achieve and keep ourselves accountable to them. In addition to our articles, we’re running regular “Town hall“ sessions in which we can share what we’ve been up to and answer any questions from the community.

In the future, we may experiment with sharing metrics around our goals in more detail, running further events to discuss plans and regular updates on our day to day work.

Have your say

We share these goals, to hold us accountable to the plans we’ve set for ourselves. But we also want to know what you think about goals for the year? What do you think of our goals? Are they sensible? What suggestions do you have for achieving them?

If you’d like to share your thoughts, reply below and if you want to support us further, consider going Pro if you haven’t already to take advantage of a wealth of content, events and activities. As well as supporting us to create a stronger community. Thank you to all our pro members.


Thank you for writing this all down. :pray:


And thank you for thanking us!

This new Build in public mindset is new to us so we’re still learning, but any feedback is good :slight_smile:


Do you plan to post any of these goals in an easier to find place?

These might be harder to find on say April or May


@deament we have something scheduled in the backlog that will create a clear link to a page that contains our goals on the Homepage.

In the meantime we do have this topic page which has everything we tag ‘Build in Public’


Hooray. Good to see that the goals are now available as links on the right-hand side of (when viewed on a desktop browser).

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