MoT Goals 2022 - Curriculum

With 2022 now under way, we at Ministry of Testing are working hard to achieve our goals for the year. To help us achieve our goals here are the details so that you can share your thoughts on how we can improve Ministry of Testing.

A first draft curriculum created by community for a role

Our opinion of education in the testing space is that it is a little bit broken. We feel that although there is a wealth of excellent content both on our site and in the community as a whole (ranging from blogs to online course sites), it’s hard to digest and find the right path to take. Therefore we plan to co-create and co-curate our first draft curriculum, with the support of the community, for a specific testing role.

What do you mean by a curriculum?

The work would involve identifying and listing a series of different learning outcomes that can communicate what an individual needs to learn to carry out a specific testing role. The curriculum will be open-source, meaning anyone can use this curriculum and create their own training.

Why do this?

Based on conversations we’ve seen in the community, and our own experience, we feel there is no central location for a syllabus / curriculum for testing roles. This means, right now, if an individual wants to learn how to become a tester, quality engineer, SDET, etc. there is no clear pathway of learning to take. Having a central syllabus will make it easier to know what a learner needs to achieve to take on a testing role. Meaning that they can focus on learning, and not wasting time and energy trying to find the right learning content.

How will you do this?

Whilst we’ve not decided on the first role to build a curriculum around just yet, we are experimenting with various research techniques to expand the existing Automation in Testing curriculum, which has the potential to become an SDET/Automator curriculum.

Once our role is decided, we will work with the community to identify what the curriculum would look like using a range of collaboration techniques. We’ll then continue working with the community to co-create content that allows learners to achieve each learning goal.

Have your say

We share these goals, to hold us accountable to the plans we’ve set for ourselves. But we also want to know what you think about goals for the year? What do you think of our goals? Are they sensible? What suggestions do you have for achieving them?

If you’d like to share your thoughts, reply below and if you want to support us further, consider going Pro if you haven’t already to take advantage of a wealth of content, events and activities. As well as supporting us to create a stronger community. Thank you to all our pro members.


Hi @mwinteringham,

This sounds excellent and a valuable way of providing a foundation for growth and development within the testing space.

In reading through this my further consideration was whether or not these courses can be accredited by a “body or group of bodies” (those organizations i don’t know) so that candidates can prove their knowledge gained, similar to that of like a Coursera, or Udemy or any other Online Learning Institution. Has this ever come up as a consideration for the curriculum?


Hi @jesseberkeley

We’ve discussed accreditation in the past but the issue we find with it is that it is a slow process to get accredited. Not only would the initial accreditation have to go through quite an intensive process, each time the curriculum updated we would need to go through it again. This is one of the reasons why existing accreditation around testing take a while to react to changes in the industry.

Our goal is that recognition/validation of work completed comes from the fact that this is a community recognised curriculum. Imagine you’re hiring someone who can come in with a portfolio of work that demonstrates that they can carry out each of the learning outcomes the community agreed upon. You would know quickly that they are credible person to hire.


Hope about including this?

Automation in testing is seldom a pure development task. The everyday job often contains normale testers work.

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