🎉 V1 of Ministry of Testing 'Automation Engineer in Testing' Curriculum complete

Hi all,

I’m very pleased to announce that our first ‘Community Co-created Curriculum’ is complete, thanks to the hard work of testing community members and Ministry of Testing.

The ‘Automation Engineer in Testing’ Curriculum covers the core tasks an Automator completes as part of their role. Each task has specific steps and learning outcomes attached to them to help:

  • Guide those looking to learn about Automation on what they should learn.
  • Give teachers of automation a structure to their teaching and what to focus on.
  • Help managers hire the right kind of Automators.
  • Help Automators evaluate their own experiences.

You can find a copy of the curriculum in the link below:

As always, this is a curriculum that has been created with the help of the testing community. So if you have any questions or feedback to give. Please let us know in this thread.


Is there a timeline for when the content of the course is going to be available? The curriculum looks great! Or maybe it is already available, I’m fairly new to navigating the MoT website so it’s very possible I’m just not finding it. Thanks!

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@sirtthe9th We’re going to put a plan into action to build content for our version of the curriculum very soon. We have lots of material ready we just need to structure to align with the new curriculum.

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Thanks to @friendlytester for signposting me to this in the Q&A at the end of his S.A.C.R.E.D. livestream :+1:

Fascinating, thanks for sharing (-:

I’m in the early stages of an open source project to co-design a curriculum for community professionals (architects, builder, managers, etc).

Would love to pick your brains if you have time?