Moving functional tests from SpecsFor to Cucumber js

Hello guys.

Looking for your experiences with changing testing frameworks. I’m facing a problem where our team wants to migrate tests from SpecsFor to Cucumber js. Do you guys know any good and effective way to do that? I know that in cucumber there are feature files but in SpecsFor there are not. My first thought is that the only way to change framework is to manually rewrite tests in cucumber js. Is there any other and more automated way?

Best of luck,
Kaarel Rebase.

Hi @karulkz

There are two issues with the migration you want to perform:

  1. You are switching programming languages (.net to JavaScript). This is the biggest challenge for the migration.
  2. As you have already recognized you will need to write feature files

I don’t see how this migrated could be automated for either problem let alone both of them

If the migration decision hasn’t been set in stone would you be able to migrate to SpecFlow or a JavaScript unit testing tool like Mocha or Jasmine?
Migrating to SpecFlow would avoid problem #1 or migrating to a JavaScript unit testing tool would avoid problem #2

Hello Alan,

Thank you for pointing out the issues. I think we will still move from SpecsFor to Cucumber js, even though it is all manual work. The project is pretty old (3-5) years so it gives us a chance to look through all functional tests. We haven’t added any new functional tests to the project because the build time is so long and it would make it even longer. Again, thank you for your feedback.

Best of luck,