My biggest testing problem is

My biggest testing problem is…We asked over on Twitter, you can see some of the responses below.

  • Flaky tests
  • Everyone thinks Quality is testers job
  • having enjoyable information, by outstanding people - I want to learn, then apply: there aren’t enough hours in the day!
  • …so many tools, so little time.
  • it’s about leading & encouraging other people to test
    (but that’s also the core of my raison d’être)
  • we’re not recognised for how much value we can bring to help prevent the introduction of issues rather than just finding issues
  • The collision of agile IT and old ways management thinking.
  • Getting people to understand what we do, and letting graduates know it is a career to work towards. There’s more to do out there than just programming. Otherwise, who is testing it all?!
  • A lot of us still struggling with yesterday’s practices while everyone else is chasing the new ways for tomorrow’s goodies. Waterfall, agile, DevOps, ML, AI. Testing? Testing planning, test cases (automated), execute, exit, signoff
  • Getting team to do validation before rushing to automate the verification bit…
  • … that there are too many ways to set up a Maven Cucumber project with Junit in IntelliJ. And they are all wrong.
  • Unrealistic deadlines and inconvenience getting in the way of best practice that people pay lip service to but rarely follow through.
  • coping with developers that undermine testers and testing
  • To satisfy myself that I have tested enough.
  • Is documenting all the test strategy, test case, test planning, defect report, I wish there is a simple way and more effective while not wasting my time to document.
  • Lack of proper documentation, lack of communication within team, lack of detailed user stories
  • Don’t find the way to explain the dev team that we need to star testing as soon as possible
  • Convincing team members of the importance of (me) not being the only one testing in the project. For some people this is easy, but others don’t want to hear this.

What are your testing problems?


Personally, I have two big problems.
First, other people: their mental models, their processes, their code, their documentation often does not match with my perception of what it should be.
Second, myself. my mental models sometimes aren’t great, my processes need improving, my code can get messy, my documentation is either too complex, not updated enough, or not enough for the team. (and so on. I have a lot of problems.)

So to quote someone better than I am, “It’s a people problem.”

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