The Frustrations of Testing

What frustrates you as a tester?

What do you do to cope with that frustration?

Non-technical people making technical decisions.

Then, when challenged, getting hit with the “I’m the PM/Senior/DM/PO therefore what I say goes.” :roll_eyes:

Accept you don’t know what you’re talking about and people will respect you much more.

Cope - let it go. Sometimes, it just isn’t worth it. If I feel they are making a really big mistake, I let the dust settle and then get advice from another senior.


Unnecessary documentation


Being told that my testing should be restricted to specific products/projects, and that other software/projects/websites produced by or purchased for the company don’t need testing.

In one former role, only I ever did any sort of sanity check on the website, despite being told that it was out of scope for my work time. I had my revenge: the day after I was made redundant because “we’re spending too much money on in-house development and testing”, the company went public with “click here for a virtual tour of our super new city centre offices!” - only to find that the link didn’t work. “You’d think someone would have tested the link before publishing. Oh no, I forgot - you SACKED all your testers!” I posted. Well, it made me feel better.

And I never saw a single proprietary app that this company bought that ever worked out of the box, including one with such an egregious typo in an online training video over the CEO’s introductory voiceover that I would have been sacked for it in one previous life…


I don’t like it when I don’t feel like I’m in control of my own test work.

In the worst case, I’ve left companies for this feeling. If you hired me for my mind, then not let me use it, then we don’t need each other. Sometimes, talking about my frustrations to people who can make a difference can help.


On a somewhat different note, right now I’m banging my head on the table while trying to fix a problem in my own test code. The problem appears insignificant, but for reasons I can’t explain, I’m absolutely certain that he’s hiding a huge issue.

So … that’s frustrating.

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Stories/requirements where its clear there hasn’t been a testability consideration. To overcome it, I tag the originator in the story and ask for more testing information (just to put it on record) but reiterate the point at stand ups, retros until we make sure that testability becomes a habitual consideration.


To be just the approver of tickets, not the tester, when testing is seen as a obnoxious formality best got over very quickly.

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I get frustrated when there is no plan or budget to fix bugs found in testing, or when the client is not made aware of bugs in their code for this reason. Bug reports just languish in an issue tracker or a spreadsheet. Why bother spending the time to test and identify said bugs in the first place?

I cope by getting up off the computer and out into nature.