My Experience with 30 days challenge

Hello Guys,

I am Sudharsan, a new member here and I am truly excited to be part of this group.
Every time I come to this forum I see something new and it is generally a good food for thought.
I tried to take up 30-Days challenge as much as I can.

I work in a electronics company who create very premiere consumer electronics products and we are totally connected now (IoT)
I work in Cloud team doing QA. I am part of an agile team who delivers software in a matured pipeline, this means everything is a code and hence automated.
I happen to work more on E2E tests.

In the month this 30-Day challenge occurred, I happen to see several PRs that mostly matched the challenge we all received.
I appreciate those engineers who are passionate to take up the challenge and add value to our Repo.
But I see that in this rush, there were changes in the PR but they created several breaking changes. One may argue that PR review is meant to address these issues.
But when a team gets 20 PRs in 20 days, engineers tend to “approve” from Nth PR they get mentally tired to review and provide feedback.

The bigger picture is that our repo now got so many Anti-Patterns and I see no way to fix them ever.

My suggestion to the authors of these challenges is to put a note or warning not to change at the cost of manageability.

I hope I tried to communicate my actual concern and not trying to downlook the immense value such challenges bring to our learning.

Wish you all a very happy coding!
Wish you all a very happy “team-compassionate” coding as well!!

Thanks & Best Regards,
Sudharsan S