Name your 3 top testing skills. ONLY 3, you can do it


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A wee quote I always remember when talking about discovery by chance: “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.Thomas Jefferson

For me it usually happens like this: “I’m sure something’s not quite right there, I’ve lucked onto a possible defect. Let’s have another look at replicating and/or the requirements. Rinse, repeat.” LOL. Pays to work smartly as well though … and to remember we can’t ever execute EVERY possible test…we have to give it up and release the code some time.


See these are your microheuristics in play, you know something is amiss or to poke a certain place. It’s that tester intuition at play!


Just throwing something in there… Are most of these skills or characteristics? :wink: Is there a difference in this context?


Based on environment and people some skills might be more important than others.
Understand deeply the context
Business first in all you do
Think/act deeply and widely

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Reporting and Communication
Positive Approach

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  • Exploratory Testing
  • Questioning, Reporting, and Communication.
  • Critical Thinking

Asiq Ahamed
Test Automation Architect

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Good old common sense
Eager to learn continuously

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cross the 't’s & dot 'i’s
big picture

Empathy (for your users, for the people on your team and your company)
Attention to Details

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Good question. I think at least in this context there isn’t much difference because what I think the point of this question is that everything that’s mentioned here can be learned. No one has all the skills/characteristics neccessary to be a “successful tester” in the beginning of their career.