Need help to test abstracta website

hi there i am idrees. I am new tester, learning to test. I started a course for manual testing . I study a lot and now i want to start test using abstracta provided website for testing practice but not able to understand from where to start what i should do first write test plans or test cases or dive into direct manual testing I don’t know about the site requirement or any thing else so don’t getting idea about writing test cases or test plans. please help if someone understand me and also sorry for the poor English.

Hello @mastoi_idrees and Welcome!

I found the Abstracta website and the list of of websites used for Abstracta testing.
My understanding is Abstracta uses these sites to demonstrate their utilities as well as providing the list to Testers like you who want to practice testing.

Based on my experience, I start a testing project by learning more about the product I will test. Requirements might be a starting place if the product is new. If the product already exists and there are no requirements, I can learn how to interact with the product through the UI, what happens to information I provide the product, and an understanding of workflows.
Next, I craft some ideas on what is important to learn about the product through testing. Ideally, I share those ideas with others and encourage feedback on those ideas so I have multiple points of view on what is important.
After learning about the product and sharing testing ideas, I might write test cases.

The items above independent from one another. That is, you might start with some learning and determine a test case, or you might be understanding a workflow and generating testing ideas.

Good luck Idrees!




I hope you are doing good.

In this digital world, Websites are started to evaluated across various different areas and this is the reason that Software testers or Website testers need to take more efforts to measure all aspects of the website.

So, I would like to suggest to you some best web application testing practices that can help you to learn more about Website Testing

  • Don’t forget about Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Test Each and Every Element functionality
  • Work on load testing
  • Concentrate on User-experience testing
  • Consider QA Automation Testing
  • Work with QA Professional

Wait, you can also learn from here: Top QA Best Practices for Web Application Testing- Testrig Testrig

If I do not have any requirements of the website, then I would explore it for a fixed time span. An hour is a good limit.

My questions should be answered:

  • what is the purpose of the website?
  • what is the target audience?
  • what is the business model?
    How can this company earn money with this site?
    Or what service or product does this non profit organisation offer?
  • which actions can be performed by the visitor, the web master, or any other type of user?

Then I would focus on product risk.
If things go wrong, what will hurt the most?

Some examples are:

  • no sale
    The user cannot buy a product.
  • no information
    The user cannot get information about the service.
  • no privacy
    The private data of the user is stolen.

At this point I have a rough outline for a test plan. I could add some dates.
The most important thing for a manager is, that I can tell, what and why I will test.

My next step is test for the cases with the highest product risk.
If it is required, I would write test cases.
Most of the time I use exploratory testing.

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