Need suggestions/ guidance from testing experts


I have a question or you can say need suggestion from experienced people like you guys and hoping that it would help me decide whether I am thinking in the right direction ?

I am an experienced testing guy having 15 years of experience. I have worked as manual, automation, Lead and Test Manager. My current status from the last 2.5 years is working as Test Manager. I am just tired now of doing testing and want some change in my profession. Since the last two months I had tried searching for different fields that can be taken or worked upon apart from testing. On top of them was the azure Devops since it is in great demand these days also it is a bit different. But I am unable to decide which certification should i go for?

Though I am managing the manual and Automation testers and I had thought of switching back to automation but its kind of boring or you can say looks repeated task to me. There is one other reason is that I want to secure my future as well. For how long I can work as Manager and in how many firms I can work?? That is also a big question that i usually ask myself.

I am very hopeful that you guys will help me in deciding what path should i take? Am i thinking right or is it something that I overthink? But one thing is for sure. Testing sounds boring to me now and I definitely want change. :slight_smile:

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I can understand that after doing something for a decade and a half a person can get tired of it. There are a lot of routes you can take - for the Azure DevOps you mentioned, the Az-900 fundamentals can be taken for free - there are online workshops you can attend and you can check this free course to see if that is something that interests you - could definitely has a bright future:

I’ve noticed that people with a lot of experience often become consultants, they carefully pick their work and don’t work full time. Other than that, if the technical roles are no longer appealing to you, for someone with that much-varied experience, you could make a good scrum master or a product owner, project manager, or maybe a program manager.

It mostly depends on what can you see yourself doing for an extended period of time, without getting bored?

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You may want to find work in a different sector, but as a QA. I’m going to bet, that you have never worked as a QA with am embedded or an edge-compute and IOT type product. A switch is good and uses your skills.


AZ-900 looks good and different.

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@conrad.connected You are absolutely right. I have never worked in those areas that looks different.

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My first QA role was mobile, 15 years ago. I then jumped into a Desktop & SaaS company which shifted into cloud a bit. Then moved back to embedded, then into IOT embedded, and now back on Desktops with mobile (again). In all that time, I’ve probably only had to suffer under Selenium for about a year, and it’s enough to make me feel sorry for anyone who had to test web apps for any amount of time at all.


I agree with @conrad.connected - changing sector might be as refreshing for you as changing role. In my career, I’ve worked for extended periods on public utilities data collection tools, CRM, embedded medical equipment systems, facilities management job scheduling tools and now university timetabling tools. Not only did the change of business sector give me new problems to consider in terms of what customers want and what the objective of the tool under test was, but the range of experiences I had in those roles stood me in good stead when it came time to change role.