New aqua AI Features

Hey, community!

My team and I have been working on something important for all the testers out there, and I am happy to announce this.

AI test creation features are live and available for all aqua users (including free trials)!:fire:

And now, with the help of AI tech, it will be possible to:

  1. Auto-create test descriptions
  2. Auto-create test steps
  3. Create a whole test case from a requirement

I believe it is a game-changer for manual testing that will allow us to work faster and more efficiently.:raised_hands:

You can try it for free by starting a 30-day trial at aqua :point_right: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integrations in Software Testing Tool — aqua cloud

If you are going to try it, please contact me afterwards. We worked hard to make this technology happen, and it would be great to hear your feedback!


Nice to know about this new tool :slight_smile:

I would like to try it.

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