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Hi everyone!

My name is Adesola,I’m from Nigeria but i live in Lewisville ,Texas and I’ve recently made a big career switch into IT. I have a 1st degree in Accounting. Any ideas on how to start off as a beginner? Thanks

Hi, Adesola!

You can start with us It is crowd testing service, you can join opened project and test it with other testers. If you already have enough experience to find and report bugs - just do it.
If no - you will be able to see other people reports, so you can analyze how they do testing, where do they do a research. How do they report bugs and feature requests. It is a good place to get more experience.

Honestly I am not sure that we will be able to pay to Nigeria accounts. We didn’t do that yet.

P.S. There are a lot of services like we have where you can get an experience.

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Max QAProvider Team

Hello @dessy06, welcome to the community.
There’s no better place to get started than the Ministry of Testing so you have made a very good first step. There are lots of things I could suggest so some of these might not apply so I’ll try to be fairly brief.
It would be useful to understand what testing is and isn’t. Here’s some quotes about what people think it is;
“What could happen given every possible, practical situation” – me
“The principle objective of software testing is to give confidence in the software.” – anonymous |
"A true professional does not waste the time and money of other people by handing over software that is not reasonably free of obvious bugs; that has not undergone minimal unit testing; that does not meet the specifications and requirements; that is gold-plated with unnecessary features; or that looks like junk.” – Daniel Read
“It’s more about good enough than it is about right or wrong.” – James Bach
“Software testing proves the existence of bugs not their absence” – anonymous
"Testers don’t like to break things; they like to dispel the illusion that things work.”— Kaner, Bach, Pettichord
My favourite: Testing is an infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous in order to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous.”— James Bach

It is probably also important to say that a lot of testing is about risks. Where there are risks to the software or product not delivering value, exposing information, upsetting customers or users and so on. Risk plays a large part and Risk Storming is worth looking into.

There’s are some people who wrongly have a negative view of testing and say things like, testing is a bottleneck, it is costly and so on. It is important to learn why these things are incorrect and that will come with time and understanding.

There are some great books like Agile Testing and More Agile Testing, Explore it and many others you will see referenced on the Club and MoT site. There are also a lot of blogs and podcasts and you can sign up to the MoT mailing list and get links to many.

I’d also recommend Twitter as a great community resource alongside the Club.

If you have any specific questions there will generally be something on here or MoT main site to get you going but feel free to ask. Everyone is very helpful.

Finally, and humbly I’ll point you to my own Periodic Table of Testing that might help give you a good overview of all things testing. Again any questions please ask away and good luck.

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