On Passion, and testing

We can all be passionate about something. Whether it’s hobbies and sports, art, books, movies, music, our families and loved ones; it doesn’t matter.

A few years ago I attended MEWT, where I talked about reconciling some of my more geeky tendancies with becoming a professional tester, and the communication issues that sometimes created for me. I wanted to blog about that issue at the time, but I found it too difficult.

However, some great feedback from Neil McCarthy, that I reminded myself of today. Basically, don’t be afraid of your passions infiltrating your day to day work. The skills, knowledge and excitment you have for these other interests will find a way of getting into your testing and making you more excited about that.

If you are using this forum, you are interested in discussing and improving your testing. So why not go further. On Friday, my good mate Neil Studd and I decided to embark on combining our passions.

We love testing,
We love podcasts,
We love movies.

And so Screen Testing was born. Expect some geeky banter and good testing chat. We look forward to getting your feedback. Check it out on iTunes, and at http://screentesting.libsyn.com/

All the best,


Loving the Pearl and Dean intro - brings back many memories sitting in the cinema as a kid. :slight_smile:

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