YouTube Short: What excites you about testing?


After my 1:1 with my manager, where he asked me what is exciting me in testing currently, I thought it would be good to hear answers from others.


Great question, @ThePirateTester. :pirate_flag:

Here are three things that excite me about testing right now:

  1. The opportunity folks have to not feel like they are going it alone, that there are many testing-related communities to support each other.

  2. The never-ending desire of a good majority of folks to help move the testing craft forward in ways that we might not know possible right now. Tech innovations plus a testing mindset make for an exciting combo!

  3. Folks, like yourself, are pushing the boundaries of how to share and inspiring others to put themselves out there whilst still helping those who are comfortable lurking.


In addition to your colourful jumper joining your testing videos, for me, it’s the greater awareness and desire to make sure the software we’re part of creating is accessible for all.

I still feel like there’s a long way to go in software accessibility, but it also feels like there’s a stronger voice behind this theme now.


I agree, loving the brightly colored jumper!

Firstly, I think it’s exciting that testing is being taken seriously as an actual career choice and a vital part of a high performing software team. Secondly, I love that although we are all Testers none of us do the same job, we all have different experiences and deal with different challenges. Because of this I don’t think testing could become a boring mundane job, there is always more to learn, and many career opportunities to choose from.

  • I’m always doing interesting, new things, even at details, as
    testing is basically about learning and exploration (sometimes it feels a bit like gaming in a certain way)
  • I can lower the repetitive stuff by coding tools => again I do some interesting
  • I do a social helpful task (what I want to do) by informing others: about the product state, improving the shared vision, being a connector between people
  • Many lessons from software testing (and development in general) can be applied at other parts of society
    • Its not often happening and I then can explain why many problems occur
  • Testing might change in detail over the years, but I guess it will always require humans finally (the same goes for development)
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