What's your favourite thing about being a tester?

We can often lose sight of why we do what we do. So I thought I’d ask you what your favourite thing about being a tester was. Maybe you’ve similar joys, or just need a reminder of a few?

Belonging to such a world wide community of testers and there is always new things that you can learn about #testing

The testing

Feeling like Sherlock Holmes…

Other testers

Variety, continuous learning and continuous improvement

diversity <3 in tools, technologies, people

Being an investigator and putting a puzzle together. These qualities are my favorite aspects of being a tester and any level because there’s always something new to learn.

The testing…the thinking about how someone somewhere will use the application I’m looking at and trying to use it like they would…it’s not about showing you what’s wrong, it’s about making it better for everyone!

Every day is a school day. I keep learning new stuff all the time

How the H#ck did you come up with THÁT idea how to test it!!!

Scepticism with a paycheck.

Seeing the improvements as the final polish is applied so we can put something out that the whole team can be proud of. That and poking things until they break :wink:

Getting to know the big and small picture of the product.

Being insanely curious and asking relevant questions to understand the product

Freedom…….just using my imagination & creativity in order to break the system……making it better & better

Knowing, not guessing, when something is off or no longer makes sense because testing and correlation of information finally leads me to a proper understanding of how a product and service actually works together.

Experimenting sometimes seems ‘wild ideas’ and explore new territories.

Constant change and learning

Communication among the team.

There’s definitely a strong theme of learning, constant change and other testers. What would you add?


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