Why do you stay in testing?

Asking you questions again and getting some interesting answers. This time we asked - Why do you stay in testing?

“Love to find the errors…what other’s missed…” - Neha Gupta

“To make developers cry” - Scott Mcginn

“Because I’m a right nosey bastard” - Graeme Philips

“Its fun, challenging and I love the team work creating good products together with devs.” - Mitchell Impey

“Where else can you vocally criticise a person’s work and they thank you for it?” - Christopher Sterling

“Testing is my passion!” - Sutapa Sarkar

“Albert Einstein once said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. If I don’t test who else will?” - Deepak Koul

“Love to explore.” - Nivedita Kang

“Not sure - but I am recruiting for an automated QA tester - West London if anyone is interested? I am on 0333 358 3241 to discuss this in more detail.” - Raj Hunjan

“Always something to learn.” - Kris M.

“Any openings for manual testing in Bangalore location??” - Gayathri G S

“Test automation” - Bachir Zoudji

“Testing stays within me … forever!” - Shista Arif

“To make things right :)” - Olga Suzuki

“It’s a satisfactory job as you contribute towards the betterment of a product!” - Harshal Rajguru

“I enjoy my job…I enjoy showing people/org’s there a better way to do things. I enjoyed delivering an end product that has been through a process” - Mandeep Singh Bhambra

“Testing is an art of mending things well… Testers are the gate keepers responsible for promoting quality products. That awe moment we get when first live run goes smooth without any issues…” - Naramadh Balasubramaniam

“It is equivalent to ask…why are u still married…there is a bigger picture and purpose. Once a tester for some it becomes a professional DNA. They/I just love this profession.” - Jacob Samuel

“I just want to watch apps burn.” - Patricio M.

“To become a better developer :)” - Milos Ristic

“Software testing is about looking at a product from different angles, with different perspectives and testing it with different expectations. It is not easy to develop the right mindset and to test the product with different aspects” - Prathamesh Mule

“Where else do I get to find faults at other people’s work, criticize them, and get paid for it too?” - Sayantan Jana

“Testing is my jam - it jives with the picky / detail-oriented side of me and my need to improve the world around me. I am highly motivated by the ability to produce a quality product that meets the needs of both the business and the user, the challenge in working closely with a solid development team, and the constant learning that takes place of our products, supporting architecture and testing tools. Solving interesting problems and working through tough challenges with good people is what keeps me going.” - Morgan Luce

“I enjoy testing games and seeing people enjoy them afterwards.” - Joel Sherrington

“Bring confidence in the process; provide clear picture on quality to take go/no-go PROD decisions.” - Vipul Patel

“Bring in quality” - Rashmi Yadav

“Because it’s ingrained in our genetics and is familiar and comfortable to us.” - Murray Woolfson

“At some point there should not be a separation anymore. As a developer I test my code to ensure that all works well. Unit testing and integration testing let me know that my code works and interacts with other code as intended. From there E2E testing, performance testing, stress testing and so on should take less time. Helping this testing mentality shift left (Shift-left testing - Wikipedia) is exciting and progressive. We stay in it to drive quality forward and to shorten the release cycle. Seeing people come to the understanding that testing is not an obstacle that is preventing them from pushing code into production but a great way to ensure that the customers are happy is rewarding.” - Paul van Woensel

“Testing makes you think innovative and problem solving. It makes quality perfect.” - Dhaval Zala

“Because I like to analyse products from an end user perspective but still remain technical.” - Haritha Hari

“I trust nothing” - Cynthia Wu

“It’s itches a part of my brain.” - Alexander Wedd

“I want to help make things good enough that I’d comfortably recommend a product to my friends and family.” - Timothy Whitley

“Testing is a very rewarding job. When done correctly the developers and testers get to work together with harmony to deliver quality to the end user. Once its delivered and works as intended its a dose of pure dopamine.” - Anwar El Wakil

“There is no defect-free software” - Azrudin Subasic