Lesson 7 - Activity 1 - What traits do you think a tester requires?

Time: 30 minutes

Whilst testers have explicit skills they can learn, there are subtle qualities or traits a tester can develop to succeed in their role. During the lesson, Essentials meetup hosts shared a series of different traits such as curiosity and adaptability as examples of traits a tester might have. For this activity, we are going to expand the list.

Identification of beneficial traits a tester can have will allow you to develop them in yourself so you can excel as a tester. You’ll also appreciate that not everything a tester does is grounded in specific technical skills and knowledge.


  1. Spend some time reflecting on what traits you feel a tester needs to be successful, this goes beyond searching for what a tester needs to learn.
  2. You can ask other testers on The Club or on Slack as well. It’s worth mentioning that not all testers share the same traits and some rely on specific traits more than others
  3. Once you’ve identified some traits you feel are useful for a tester, share them on this thread.