Lesson 7 - Activity 2 - What skills and knowledge does a tester need?

Time: 1 hour
During the lesson, we discussed some high-level skills that a tester requires to highlight the diversity of a tester’s knowledge and skill. We’ve looked at communication, questioning, critical and lateral thinking skills and talked about technical skills. Now it’s your turn to dig a little deeper and expand this list.

Purpose: Taking time to research and identify a list of skills and knowledge you think a tester needs to succeed in their role will allow you to learn that knowledge and develop those skills yourself.


  1. Research the testing role in more detail. Try asking a tester some questions on The Club or on Slack or interview someone you work with (if possible). Look at some testing job listings. Search on The Dojo. Search The Club posts. Search the web. Try to discover what skills and knowledge you think a tester needs to succeed.
  2. Share your findings on this thread to help others on this course and help us build a big list to discuss what skills and knowledge a tester needs.