7 Must Have Qualities of a good Tester

First, that’s a really nice infographic. Hats off!

Second, I don’t have all of those qualities. Am I therefore not a good tester?

Third (and an afterthought): who are the proposed customers for the infographic?

You only need two things - curiosity and empathy. Everything else can be learned.

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I agree with @milos on this one. I think both of those things will help to build the interpersonal and technical skills as they make you want to learn and part of that likely involves talking to people in your organization and getting to know them. A good teacher can help call attention to situations where a lack of attention to detail or assumptions showed up in the work. With time, that will (hopefully) improve.

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I would love to appreciate you…Really Nice Work…

Perfect explanation in short words, Thanks for this

But I would love to add one more point in this list and that is creativity, Tester should be a creative thinker…We can also consider this as a good quality of software tester

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