One Test Automation Framework (BDD) for both Digital Transformation Project and Tablet testing project?!

Hi Everyone,
Can I use the current Test Automation framework (BDD) using VSTS tool in my office to include anew project for Tablets testing ?! Is it possible to have 2 different projects but for same company to use already Test Automation Framework ?!

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Hi Oden I’m just going to say welcome to the MOT community. I have no idea how VS Teams works, if it’s anything like tools they have offered in the last century, there will be an API but it will change often.

I’m trying to guess, you are talking about Apple and Android Tablet apps and a Cloud(private/public?) services project and how to link in CI and Test Frameworks to play nice?

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Thank you very much Conard for your reply, and thanks for accepting me in the MOT community.
My question is that: in my company they already have a testing framework for digital transformation project about training via web services. Now, they asked if we can use the same testing framework BUT for the Android tablets testing!? the tablet testing is not related to the training web services. The Tablets having on-premise apps not for training. My company wants to use the same tools for both to same cost.
Is this possible to happen ?