Testing in Visual Studio

Dear all,

just wanted to know if anyone out there is using Microsoft Test Manager for Planing, Manual and Auto Testing, Reporting. Since Visual Studio provides very good Test Services and enormous documentation on how to use them, I was wondering is it worth to move to Test Manager, use it for Test Case Management, create Coded UI tests from the Test Cases in VIsual Studio and link them, and later run the Test using the CI processes from TFS? All of this responsibilities would solve all of the Testers problems when dealing with the short time stamps.

Thank you very much and wish you success in Testing.

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Hi @ljubi

the Microoft Test manager stand alone application is being deprecated, and most features as are already present in Visual Studio / Team foundation server. Especially if you use Coded UI, VS is the place to be. Also notice the roadmap to move more to Visual Studio Online (cloud).

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Thank you very much for your answer. I spent a lot of my time investigating the most recommended tools for Automation, paid, free, tools that require coding skills, tools that don’t require coding skills, record/play and so on… Since the Team is using TFS and Onlive Visual Studio I decided to automate the Smoke Tests on a web application using Selenium, nUnit, PageObject pattern, C# and Visual Studio of course. It is difficult, but there are a lot of resources out there, test by test is getting easier. For the second cycle of automation the things will go smoother :slight_smile: ah and for automation of a desktop application I recommend Coded UI proejct.