Execute automated tests on demand from TFS

Hi guys,
The idea is this: we have our test cases stored in TFS. What we want is to create test plans with test cases that should be automated. So, I as a user, just want to select a test plan and, by clicking on Run, run all the test cases contained in such test plan.
Is it possbile in TFS?
If yes, how?
any suggestion is really appreciated!

It’s possible. You need Visual Studio, though.

The way it works is more or less like this:

  • Create the test automation. Regardless of language, this should be done in Visual Studio connected to a source control repository, and everything you do should be checked in.
  • Using the Visual Studio connect each automated test to a test case. You can find more information on how it works here.
  • Make sure all the linked test cases are in a single test plan, and there are no unlinked test cases in that test plan.
  • Configure a continuous integration pipeline that is set up to use a test run and link it to your test plan. The full process is described here - but be warned that you are likely to need to adjust your parameters and settings a lot.

Once you have the full set up in place, you will be able to run your test plan using the Run button, and see the results once the run completes.

great, thanx. do i need any particular plugin for tfs?