Online meetup - Is this website nice to use? Activity

So how did you get on with the website we gave you to test? How did it feel to use it? What frustrated you? Is it any good? Add your notes down here.

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Getting to the next page was very difficult, not an obvious entry.
Misleading, links are not as they appear, confusing
Just plain broken !!
Chat box - feels weird when it scrolls up and down
Password text remains - end up with not the password
Email address - default text remains
Panic inducing- constantly locking. Annoying
Difficult to understand the purpose of some features
Too many instructions for entering the password

Hated the positive answers in Red and negative in green
Colour scheme was terrible - blue and green should never be seen
Links that are not link
NO button not clickable
random links through the page
‘odd’ email entry set up.
Password box didn’t clear when you typed in it
Overall Very frustrating

In our group we were frustrated. The site required a lot of energy to navigate because it wasn’t following norms of other sites. And when entering information we weren’t getting any feedback (e.g. password). Popup was disorienting and again didn’t follow expected norms but did get used to it. Had to use a variety of skills (like tab rather than scroll) to get through the site.

Not quite sure how we got where.

Password not starred out, slightly worrying - confidentiality



Frustrating when the lock message comes up

Having fun - becomes a joke.

Usual conventions - inconsistencies

Text not clear - Confusion about what I should do next. There was no logic. Second guessing.

Proud for getting so far. Sense of achievement :slight_smile:

Russian mountains.

Restarting from zero - no saving was awful.

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  • Awful!
  • Click here not great
  • No option to decline cookies
  • Impossible password creation
  • Have to delete entries in text fields
  • Timer is a ball a*he
  • What is the purpose of the timer?!
  • Limited email address endings
  • Whats the point of 1 - 4 circles?!
  • Dark Patterns on the Terms & Conditions
  • Send to bottom - literally below the page
  • Timer close button looks like a trademark

Whats up with the “how can we help?” & Send to bottom?!


Blue is too much; in yer face
Green on blue is not accessible
Green button with NO is off
Not optimal use of browser width
Button has link mouse hand but is not working
CLICK here no pointer -> link to game.html not working
no cookie bar - uses GA

Blurred UI text
No prominent button

Bug: Click here link not navigating anywhere initially
Steps: Click HERE -> nothing
Expected Result: Navigate to the form
Notes: Second time it worked

It was frustrating (when didn’t know where to click)

Big banner: Yes it is a problem
Too big
Wasn’t clear why it was there
Was red - Thought done something wrong (like a warning)

Form Submit Buttons are wrong
Cancel instead of Next or OK

Suddenly appeared
Mistake - No explanation

I don’t know what to do
Where did that come from

Wouldn’t visit again
Impatient to perform the required actions but they weren’t doing that