Online storage solutions

With the move to online learning, what does everyone use for storing ideas, notes and documents?

I am using Dropbox but find the search facility very clunky to say the least.

I have tried Evernote but can’t get round their system… Google Drive is ok for just dumping documents but I’m yet to find a solution where I can get enough storage and have a good filing System.

Any ideas, suggestions appreciated.

Looking for free solutions but if the solution works with a payment then I’ll certainly consider it.



OneNote & for files like docs I just use OneDrive.
Nothing else…

How much storage are you looking for O.O?


I use onenote as well along with google keep, as my notekeeping needs are simple.


Hi @mike_123,

I use Notion and have customised their “Reading List” template.

Here’s my process:

  1. Before picking up the thing I’m about to consume, create a new entry on the learning log
  2. Read/Watch/Listen to the thing
  3. Update the status, add the author, a link, and type (article, podcast, video, etc)
  4. Tag with whatever tags I think are relevant
  5. Capture key takeaways as I read/watch/listen
  6. Not always, but try to capture one “Action” that I could try based on the key takeaways

I then have a view which just shows me a list of “Actions”.

As far as storing docs I don’t tend to use it for that yet Notion allows embedding/adding of all sorts of file types.

Here’s an example:

I sometimes forget the process exists (!) and it’s a habit that has taken a while to form.

I’ve also just remembered this process is just super useful for stuff you want to consume later, so you form a backlog of stuff (I just mark the status as “Ready to start” – which happens to be the default when you create a new entry).


Sorry i meant I can’t get one where I can store enough for free, but then that’s the point of paying for more :joy:

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Thanks @simon_tomes I have looked at notion and tried it out - it’s one of those that needs a lot of work up front in terms of organisational and thinking of groupings and tags… It’s like Evernote in a way I guess…
I couldn’t quite keep it going past a week, but I guess once you’re in that ecosystem it will grow…
I’ve read and heard good things about it.
Students use it for revision… Almost a mind map of notes…

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Plenty to think about… Thanks All!

I’m a simple man, I do everything in markdown and then store it in repos in Github/gitlab. This gives me something that looks good, it’s easy to embed images, links and the like and it’s trivial to create new documents. While I’m one of those who lives in the command line and does much of their writing in vim, you can get a great velocity and fluidity with VScode or similar I expect. The downside is that you need to commit and push regularly, the upside is that you learn to commit and push regularly. This is especially helpful when you add useful commit messages, giving you almost a free indexing system for your notes.

I’ve been using this system for almost a decade now, using Slack really got me into using markdown syntax as second nature.

I’m surprised you’re running out of space in google drive though, what size and type of files are you storing in there? Just notes and doc type files shouldn’t get anywhere near the limits.

If you’re storing videos and the like, then I can see it being an issue, but just text and some images? I’d have thought any of the standard ones would be fine.


Thanks. Yeah it is linked my Google photos account so I believe the quota is used up by those…

Google got a bit more restrictive in terms of storing photos, it’s no longer unlimited Google Photos storage, it now uses your Google Drive space, the free version is 15 GB, which isn’t a whole lot if you take a lot of high resolution photos very often. I think 100 GB is around 2$ per month so it’s not much of an expense.