Operational acceptance testing - where do I start?

Does anyone have an experience with OAT? Where would I start? Any other advice?


Operational Acceptance Test - yes, I have plenty :slight_smile:

OAT usually happens in the context of IT services, where one company has prepared something for another. It’s usually on production - and usually for my contexts around the system KPI’s and SLA’s.

It’s kind of an advanced UAT - but with the focus on the system operability. (cue observability)

Could be other things too. Once I did a project where we tested if we could actually change and deploy the system (that we had won a bid/tender for) - else we could not be trusted to run the solution. And we had to test/confirm that we would have the required documents updated etc. Outsourcing agreements have some odd requirements sometimes…

Hope that helps you along @melissafisher - else give me a ping


Thank you. I need some time to digest/think about this. Will reach out if I have any questions if that’s ok!