Panel discussion: Quality

We’re back with another TestBash Home panel, this time hosted by the fantastic @cupcake_tester to discuss the thorny topic of Quality :star_struck:

Jenna will be discussing Quality and answering your questions with the help of our panel guests @cwilson @j19sch @jitgo

If we don’t get to your questions on the night, we’ll add them to the thread below for our panellists to answer later. If you’d like to continue the conversation from the webinar, this thread is an excellent place to do that :grin: Share resources and follow up success stories from your learnings here!


Questions we didn’t get to

  1. Is quality the most important thing to focus on?
  2. All measures are BS, do you find any useful?
  3. How would you go about getting alignment of “what is quality” from all stakeholders?
  4. How would recommend encouraging decision makers to improve the quality of their decisions ?
  5. How do you decide what quality attributes need to be measured at any given point in time when everyone has different definition of value?
  6. What would determine a good STOP point when determining Quality Gates - we have metrics but there could be a tendancy to over analyse data & not drive quality?
  7. what are the KPIs of a good software quality? user feedback, 1000000 test cases passing, etc
  8. How do you convince management to spent time on improving clunky legacy code rather than building new features on this wobbly fundament?
  9. Some organizations still do not have QA/Test as a critical path in their projects. How would you position QA in view of this topic?
  10. Lets talk about shift left… A/B Testing, In production testing. How how these developments affected how you approach quality?
  11. who should define what quality means in an organization?
  12. How would you recommend communicating your Quality standards aka your Quality bar, in a concise and consumable way?
  13. Do you suggest any quality “discovery” exercises. Like doing a Kaizen or some other 6 sigma process review?
  14. What does quality mean to you?
  15. when to know to stop testing in order not to impact quality?
  16. Can you suggest ways to persuade people to not use metrics to attempt to asses quality?
  17. how do you quantify quality?
  18. Is it realistic for an Organisation to have one quality bar across all products, platforms etc, or entirely reasonable that it may differ across sub-systems?
  19. How do you help your Dev teams/product owners to see where creating a more Quality product is better than trying to create a MVP and update as needed?
  20. how do you define/what are some good quality metrics?
  21. Sometime quality is being measured by quantity of test being executed etc, how would you suggest we can change that mindset
  22. Are quality metrics more important to management than to the delivery of quality software?
  23. If there are many different lenses to measure quality, is there some that are more important at any given situation? How is that determined?
  24. Who owns Quality? Does the buck ultimately stop with anyone?
  25. How would you champion keeping quality at the forefront of the teams mind when they are perhaps too enthusiastic about the prospect of creating new stuff?
  26. You (Jitesh) mentioned over delivering - How do you define ‘over delivering’?

Resources mentioned

  3. Can the science of F1 pit stops transform everyday life? | Formula One | The Guardian
  4. 7 Rules for Positive Productive Change
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