Products and sites to practice testing on

Are any of these APIs able to handle high load / stress testing I wonder? It would be nice to hone my system somewhere that isn’t going to raise all kinds of red flags in IT; otherwise I’m limited to local containers and after hours.

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If you like them run locally from a virtual machine (good for practising while travelling/on plane flights etc.) you can try the OWASP Vulnerable Web Apps project VM. Lots of good websites there.


The Free Online Bank Web site is published by Hewlett-Packard, Company for the sole purpose of demonstrating the functionality and effectiveness of Hewlett-Packard Fortify’s WebInspect products in detecting and reporting Web application vulnerabilities. This site is not a real banking site and any similarities to third party products and/or Web sites are purely coincidental.

interesting, and a bit more “business like”


My main concern is that the test target should not go away, and that anything I put onto it should persist.

For that reason, I use GitHub’s REST API and their web UI for my experimental testing (and for testing demos).

Because I’m pointing at a dummy GH project of my own, I can do all POST, GET, PATCH, DELETE, etc., as well as the corresponding actions in the web UI.


For performance tests, according to Quora, there are DigitalToysInc App and BlazeDemo


You can practice ON the web service at It’s a live commercial site – So please play nice, and tell me if you find anything. (Subscriptions are free or paid.)
You can practice WITH the service to generate pairwise test designs, because that’s what it does. Briefly, pairwise designs use a small number of test cases to cover all the interactions between test factors. Usually test factors are configuration settings or test inputs. Examples are operating systems, browsers, application options, etc. There’s more info at the site.

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Can also use BlazeDemo for API Functional Testing


You can use for practice. There are a few testing challenges that I made. They range from web testing to crossword puzzle with testing techniques.


And Now for Something Completely Different

The Swiss are developing an online voting system for testing next year. The invitation below and its pre-registration form are at:

Swiss Post is continuing to develop its online voting solutions for Federal votes and elections.

For its next-generation system, Swiss Post is looking into running a public intrusion test in 2019 under the requirements of the Swiss Confederation and the Swiss Cantons.

Would you like to receive further information? You can now pre-register here below.

Pre-registered researchers will obtain additional information and a link to sign up until the end of 2018 if the public intrusion test (PIT) will be carried out.


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I created a simple app for workshops, but it can be used for practice as well!
It is a web UI with a REST API, and you can test both (together or separately) with automation or manually, however you want.
Check out this blog post to learn more about it:


I’ve created something that might be of interest that aims on supporting not just those looking to practise automation, but testing in general.

This site is a fully fledged web application using modern technologies. It has a series of Web APIs and a single page application, along with logging and documentation to practise different testing techniques against.

Not only that, we are actively adding in new features and challenges so are open to suggestions of features testers would like to play with.


Two very nice API resources to test around:


This resource is Not available

On a podcast I listen to they keep mentioning Twilio, and I’ve been wanting to try it. You can use it to make phone calls, send SMS messages, etc.

Get an API key (free):

Some quick start guides:

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Another to add to the list

Frequently updating the full list here

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I came across GlitchPlay today -


I’m not sure I want to click this link @rosie. I may not be seen again by friends and family. :slight_smile:

1 Like is also a nice one to practice automation

I got lost there… Not all challenges for the first challenge work.

We’ve created a test playground for our test tool Boozang, but it might be useful regardless of what tool you are using: